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Tebo was raised in Menlo Park East Palo Alto California he became interested in music at the age of five and by the time he was 8 he was singing in the Belle Haven Elementary School singing group The Junior Temptations tebo's music interest continued at Menlo Oaks Junior High School in Menlo Park. he had broken two strings on a cheap guitar and that became his bass until his mom could afford to get him a real Bass from Swain's House of Music Downtown Palo Alto.

At the same time the music teacher mr. Thomas at Menlo Oaks brought it to Tebo's attention that he was playing the guitar left-handed in upside down and he asked is this comfortable? Tebo replied yes and he continues to play a right-handed Bass left-handed, it has become his signature.

With his childhood friends Tebo continued his musical Journey at Carlmont High School and Ravenswood High School in East Palo Alto. In 1977 Tebo met East Palo Alto musician William Watley and began his professional studio and Performing career it was at mr. Watley's house that you will learn how to write and compose music and while attending CSM Junior College under Fred Berry Tebo knew that music was his path to success.


Tebo has recorded and performed  with such artists as dr. Dre Herbie Hancock MC Hammer Buddy Guy Taj Mahal New Edition sugar pie DeSanto Kenny Neal just to name a few and he has toured around the world with John Lee Hooker jr. 

Tebo is currently playing with several different bands in the San Francisco Bay Area  he has become a household name among bass players. Tebo started the Howlin Wolf review to honors "the late great Legend with the raspy voice".   Tebo nails the wolf!  

Tebo's music is known for being: funky bluesy Rocky and extremely uncommon!