East Palo Alto Children's Day in the Park

Celebrating our community and making opportunity.
Saturday August 29, 2015



A group of women from EPA and Menlo Park got together in the year of 1989 to form United Mothers Against Drugs. This organization had developed as a result of the drug trafficking that was running rapid within the community. The Jack Farrell Community Park was overrun with drug trafficking and gangs of violence of which the one and only policeman was killed. The kids of the community had no place to play. With the death of the policeman, Jennifer Jackson and a group of women stood up and decided to take back and clean up the park, hence the first Children's Day in the Park. All of the women marched, attended City Council Meetings, Church meetings and met with the Board of Supervisors to make the community aware of the destruction to the individuals of this city. The Children's Day in the Park Committee's vision is to have the community come together once a year and have a self esteem building day for our children, involving wholesome activities and that every child is equal. We raise money through donations for Children's Day in the Park so that every child (regardless of the family's financial position) can have an opportunity for fun. Over the last thirteen years, we have developed a sense of community and spirit among a diverse population.

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